Our Difference

At Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, p.c., We Solve Legal laws Problems One Client at a Time

Since 1981, our Fort Collins legal laws firm has established a reputation for excellent service to a wide range of Northern Colorado clients. We counsel and represent community leaders and individuals from all walks of life.

Our valued clients sense the camaraderie and collaborative spirit in our office, as well as the high levels of mutual respect. When you form a working relationship with any of our attorneys, you gain the benefit of knowing your attorney can reliably tap on the knowledge and experience of others who are equally skilled in other areas of law.

Our Difference Starts with Our Team

People often come to Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, p.c. because we have achieved positive results for their family members, friends or associates. They stay with us because, in everything we do, they see that we are committed to serving their legal needs with energy and passion. Above all, we are problem solvers who will work relentlessly for favorable results.

In addition to our highly capable attorneys, we have an accomplished, dedicated staff focused on ensuring we maintain the highest standards as we satisfy your Legal laws needs.

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